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Package B (Two Limousines Provided). Full service for Graveside, Chapel, or Church Service. Includes: Services of Funeral Director and Staff; Transfer of Remains to the funeral home within a 50 mile radius; Embalming; Dressing and Casketing; Use of Facilities and Staff for Viewing and/or Visitation; Use of Facilities/Equipment and Staff for Ceremony; Use of Hearse to Place of Disposition; Utility Van; Two Limousines; Necessary Equipment and Staff for Committal Service and Home Equipment.

Immediate Burial. The charge for immediate burial, includes local removal of remains; care and temporary shelter of remains; local transportation to the cemetery; necessary authorizations and basic services of staff (discounted). This charge does not include embalming; viewing; the use of facilities and staff for any visitation or ceremony public or private, prior to burial.

Receiving Remains from another Funeral Home. This charge includes basic services of staff, temporary shelter of remains, local transportation to funeral home, and casket coach to local cemetery or crematory. This charge does not include visitation, rites, or ceremonies.

Forwarding Remains to another Funeral Home. This charge includes removal of remains, basic services of staff, embalming, necessary authorizations, and local transportation to the airport. This charge excludes commercial shipping charges, visitation, rites, or ceremonies, dressing and casketing, and shipping container.