The Mausoleum Alternative

What is a mausoleum?

A mausoleum, sometimes called a tomb, is an enclosed building that contains the burial space of those who’ve passed. Mausoleums can house both caskets and cremation urns and offer a beautiful, serene space for family members to visit their loved one.

Why choose a mausoleum?

People choose mausoleum entombment for a variety of reasons. Some don’t like the idea of underground burial and prefer the aesthetics and sanctity of a mausoleum. Others like having a permanent, physical place to honor their loved one. We respect the wishes of every family we serve and do everything we can to honor the memories of those who’ve died.

Advantages of Mausoleum Entombment

  • Comparable costs to burial, often costs less
  • Climate-controlled chapel for committal service
  • Saves ground use

Memorial Garden Mausoleum Options

Chapel of Reflection

Offering both entombment and cremation placement, our Chapel of Reflection Mausoleum overlooks a one-acre serenity pond and provides hallowed grounds to honor loved ones.

Bell Tower Mausoleum

Encircled by a breathtaking arbor and equipped with a Schulmerich Carillon Bell System, the Bell Tower Mausoleum chimes daily to honor those laid to rest in the Memorial Gardens.

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