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Best Places in Greenville, SC, to Spread Your Loved One’s Ashes

Best Places in Greenville, SC, to Spread Your Loved One’s Ashes

Best Places in Greenville, SC, to Spread Your Loved One’s Ashes

Trying to decide where to spread ashes in or near Greenville, SC, requires careful thought. You want to be confident that the final resting place of your loved one has meaning and purpose. Here are some suggestions that may make it easier to arrive at a decision.

Why Have an Ash Scattering Ceremony

With more and more people preferring the flexibility and affordability of cremation, ash scattering ceremonies have increased in popularity in recent years. The beauty of this rite is that you can tailor it to your personal inclinations by choosing the option that best works for you. You may wish to:

  • Incorporate it into a traditional funeral
  • Add it to a memorial service
  • Spread ashes in a stand-alone ceremony

Ash scattering can follow the previously stated wishes of the deceased or can be a decision made by surviving family members and friends. The most important components of an ash scattering ceremony are that it represents the departed individual and helps bring closure to those left behind.

If you desire to learn more about how you can personalize an ash scattering ceremony, the team at Robinson Funeral Home is here to lend our expertise. We can help you plan an elegant, poignant send-off for your loved one in a location that holds meaning.

Of course, you might wish to spread ashes in private, without gathering other people around to partake. It is completely acceptable to do this in an intimate fashion if that is your preference.

Where to Spread Ashes

Thankfully, the decision of where to spread ashes comes with many different options. By giving thought to the deceased’s personality and favorite places, it is possible to come up with the ideal location for this ceremony. Following is a list of suggestions to help you narrow down where you may wish to go.

Luckily, the state of South Carolina is very tolerant with respect to ashes. There are no statewide laws that restrict where you can store or scatter them. If you are seeking a permanent place to hold the ashes, whether in your home or at a cemetery, you can choose between:

  • Crypt
  • Grave
  • Niche
  • Urn

If you would prefer to spread the ashes on land or water, check with your local municipality before doing so just to confirm that there are no restrictions or prohibitions.

On Public Land

Perhaps your loved one had a passion for hiking and enjoyed a lot of time in local parks. Or maybe she or he coached a youth sports team and spent every weekend on the field. There are so many different types of public lands in South Carolina, and there is sure to be one that you associate with the deceased.

Spreading his or her ashes in one of their favorite outdoor places is a wonderful final resting place. Again, if you are leaning towards this route, be sure to confirm with local government offices that this is permitted.

Greenville, SC, is home to a variety of public parks, including McPherson Park, Cancer Survivors Park, Legacy Park, and Falls Park, with its stunning Liberty Bridge. Your loved one may have had a particular affinity for one of these special places. However, releasing cremated ashes at these city parks is prohibited. To come up with an alternate plan, contact the knowledgeable staff at Robinson Funeral Home so you can work together to devise the perfect place to spread ashes.

On Private Land

Keeping your loved one on your own land may be a comfort to you, knowing that a piece of them is always going to be there. Whether on a hill, under a tree, in a favorite flower bed, or just across a grassy expanse, committing the deceased to the earth has an organic, natural feel to it. Choosing for the departed to remain at their home permanently is quite popular due to the feeling of security associated with this. And, if you are lucky enough to have water on your property, you may appreciate the feeling of the deceased ebbing and flowing with the tide.

By state law, you can scatter ashes freely on any land that you own. If, however, you wish to spread them on someone else’s property, be sure to reach out and obtain permission prior to doing so. Many people think it would be ideal to scatter the ashes of a huge NCAA football fan on the field of their favorite college stadium. However, this can create an enormous headache for groundskeepers. Be respectful of others’ private land, and when in doubt, ask.

In the Water

If the deceased was an avid fisherman, lover of the ocean, or any other kind of aquaphile, you might be drawn to the idea of scattering ashes in one of South Carolina’s many beautiful bodies of water. This can be a breathtaking manner to honor the deceased in a way that truly channels his or her inner self. It can be accomplished by numerous means, such as from the shore of your backyard pond, off the side of a boat, or via your hand dangling safely from a kayak.

Choosing a spot along one of South Carolina’s almost 3,000 miles of tidal coastline is permitted, but subject to the Clean Water Act, this must take place at least three nautical miles away from the shore. There are many boating companies that can help you plan this ceremony to spread ashes in a way that adheres to this regulation. Plus, within 30 days thereafter, you must notify the U.S. EPA that this has taken place.

From Up Above

Similar to water lovers are those individuals who are aviation enthusiasts. If the departed craved taking to the skies, you might wish to consider releasing their remains from a plane or helicopter ride above South Carolina’s beautiful land. While it should go without saying, be sure to let go of the ashes only should you opt for this unique final resting place and hold tight to the urn or bag that carried them within.

In a Scattering Garden

A fairly new concept is that of the scattering garden, a final resting site that can usually be found at cemeteries or churches. These spots are lovingly landscaped to be a place of beauty, where family and friends can come to visit and sit in peace. Sometimes, there is a wall that contains the name of those whose ashes have been spread within.

In a National Park

When it comes to national parks, the state of South Carolina has an embarrassment of riches, with seven of them within its borders. If the deceased was an avid hiker or nature aficionado and you are contemplating spreading ashes at one of these parks, contact the park ranger’s office to learn about the parameters of doing so.

Contact Robinson Funeral Home Today

Whether you need assistance with future planning or have other funeral, burial, or cremation questions, contact Robinson Funeral Home today. Our compassionate, experienced staff is here to provide services to help you and your loved ones through this difficult time. If you desire to plan an ash scattering service, we can provide support for every aspect of this ceremony.

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