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How to Arrange a Cremation Service

How to Arrange a Cremation Service

How to Arrange a Cremation Service

There are many reasons to prefer cremation over burial. Generally, cremation is more environmentally friendly, is portable, uses less land, and incurs fewer expenses. Here is some information if you are wondering how to arrange cremation services for yourself or a loved one.

Pick Your Cremation Service Provider Carefully

When you are choosing your loved ones’ method of disposition, you want to be sure that you are giving this most delicate duty to a funeral home that is going to show nothing but the utmost respect for the recently deceased. Some funeral homes have their own crematories and handle the entire process while others outsource the actual cremation to a third party.

Meet with different providers and ask the same questions of each so that you can get a true feel for how the procedure is going to be handled. After all, you want to feel that you are selecting a funeral home you feel comfortable with.

You may ask different questions if you are prearranging a cremation service for the indefinite future versus a situation where your loved one is either deceased or where death is imminent. If you need services shortly or presumably in the distant future, you may want to ask things such as:

  • Will you use your own crematory?
  • When will the cremation take place?
  • What is your identification procedure?
  • How can I be sure the remains I receive are my loved ones?
  • Can I witness the cremation?

However, if you are prearranging a cremation with a completely undetermined time frame for death, you might have additional questions. For example, if you have moved from the area, or are traveling, who would be responsible for returning the deceased to the cremation service provider?

One of the most important questions that you should focus on is where your loved one is going to be cremated. Suppose you want to be assured that your loved one stays safely in custody from start to finish with no possibility of error. In that case, it is better to choose a funeral home that does not use a stand-alone crematory or a third-party provider. It is best to select a facility like Robinson Funeral Home that uses one of their two on site crematories for the procedure. This ensures that the body is in their care the entire time.

Decide Upon the Service

While some people know exactly what kind of service they want for themselves or a loved one, for others, it is not so straightforward. There are many different options available, and it is worth considering what will bring the most peace to the deceased’s survivors. Whether you choose a funeral or a memorial service, you have the ability to provide a respectful, dignified service that gathers family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. This gives them the opportunity to mourn together and also can beautifully provide closure.

While the terms funeral and memorial service are quite frequently used interchangeably, there are, in fact, subtle differences between the two. Typically, a funeral takes place with the deceased’s body, whether it is to be buried or cremated later on. It can be done at a religious place of worship, funeral home, or even graveside. Usually, this occurs within a week after death. A memorial service generally takes place after disposition has occurred. Some people even choose to have a private funeral, followed by a larger memorial service later on.

Cremation gives families many different options for services. You might choose to have a visitation and viewing of the body followed by a funeral with the body in a casket and the physical cremation after that. Or, you may prefer to have the cremation occur and then a memorial service at a later date. Many people appreciate the flexibility that cremation affords, especially when they have family out of the area who must make travel preparations for the service. In fact, some families choose to have the memorial take place weeks or even months after their loved one’s death.

Settle the Financials and Paperwork

Several things must be settled to arrange cremation services and finalize them. First, pay for the cremation. If you are preplanning, you have the opportunity to take care of financial arrangements now, so there are no questions later on. You can work Robinson Funeral Home to find a package that is appropriate for your needs and budget and to discuss available payment options. Also, consult your life insurance company to see what benefits are available to you.

To proceed with cremation, you need an official copy of the death certificate. We can help you with this task. While you are requesting a death certificate for these purposes, you should order additional copies for forthcoming tasks.

The next step is to transport the body to the funeral home. We will complete this process with dignity and respect. You also must provide signed authorization for the cremation and any additional paperwork.

Determine What to Do with the Cremated Remains

Deciding what to do with ashes following a cremation can be a difficult decision that has many options available to you. First, decide upon a container for the remains. There are many different types of urns to select from, and it brings comfort to pick one most similar in style to the deceased.

Next, decide what you are going to do with the cremated remains after the services are over. This may require some discussion with family members or loved ones. Various choices include:

  • Ground burial
  • Scattering of the cremated remains
  • Keeping the urn at home
  • Placing in a niche or columbarium

Contact Robinson Funeral Home

While we cannot control the process of death, we can walk with you in making the proper decisions. Whether you select a traditional burial or choose to arrange cremation services, the compassionate, professional staff at Robinson Funeral Home is here to make this very difficult time easier for you. Contact us any hour of the day or night and benefit from our experience at providing superior assistance throughout the process.

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