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Burial Vaults

Eagle Guardian

Solid concrete wall construction with hand applied asphalt coating.

Concrete Grave Liner

This concrete grave liner is designed to prevent a grave from collapsing. Does not seal, and is unpainted. Meets cemetery requirements for outer burial container. No water-resistant or water-proof properties. Basic protection at a considerable value.

Wilbert Venetian

Finest single-reinforced burial vault. High strength concrete with premium ABS Marbelon plastic-reinforced cover and base. Rich look of polished marble.

Wilbert Salute

Single-reinforced burial vault. High-strength concrete bonded to Strentex plastic liner. Exclusive Salute Emblems for veterans.

Wilbert Monticello

Concrete exterior with Strentex plastic-reinforced cover and base. Entry level single-reinforced burial vault.

Wilbert Citadel

Single-reinforced burial vault strength concrete with Strentex plastic liner Precision-molded carapace and a wide range of personalization options.

Eagle Vanguard

The vault offers the strength of high-strength reinforced concrete, but adds the protection of an extra-thick duratite liner bonded to the vault, plus a tongue and groove seal with a butyl rubber sealing compound to bond the vault into a single unit. Extra heavy outer wall of concrete for strength.

Eagle Seville

Thicker, Marble-Tech high-impact styrene/butadiene inner wall to deny entrance of moisture bonded to outer wall. Extra heavy outer wall of concrete for added strength. Pre-cast Marble-Tech/concrete vault cover carapace to displace grave weight stress. Has the appearance of polished marble.

Eagle Sentinel

High impact polystyrene/butadiene inner lining to deny the entrance of moisture bonded to outer wall of concrete. Outer wall of concrete for strength.

Wilbert Veteran SST Triune

Double-reinforced with stainless steel and high-impact ABS Trilon thermoplastic. Dignified branch-specific military emblems to honor veterans. Brushed stainless steel carapace. Brass Memorialization Plus Capsule and customized U.S. flag nameplate for enhanced personalization.