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Robinson Funeral Home & Duckett-Robinson Funeral Home makes no representation or warranties regarding caskets. The only warranties, expressed or implied, granted in connection with caskets and/or containers sold are the express written warranties, if any, extended by the manufacture thereof. Robinson Funeral Home & Duckett-Robinson Funeral Home hereby expressly disclaims all warranties expressed or implied, relating to the casket and/or containers including, but not limited to, the implied warranties merchantability and fitness for at particular purpose


4VT-858-HD Westridge Rosetan Crepe Interior Hardwood

Warren Oak

521 8J3 CHD Warren Oak Champagne Velvet Interior Oak

Sumter Maple

3Q9-892-LH Provincial Maple Champagne Velvet Interior Maple


495 8J3 H Rosette Natural Crepe Interior Hardwood Premium Hardwood Veneers with Engineered Wood Construction and Hardwood Solids

Prominence Sycamore

130 Prominence Champagne Velvet Interior Sycamore

Paragon Mahogany

8O9-892-LH Paragon Mahogany Eggshell Velvet Interior Mahogany

Morgan Cherry

7PM-865-HD Pembroke Cherry Champagne Velvet Interior Cherry


4NP-825-D Hartfield Rosetan Crepe Interior Hardwood


Cherry exterior with high gloss finish and champagne velvet interior


426 8J5 CHD Edgemont Rosetan Crepe Interior Select Wood