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What to Do with Cremation Ashes?

What to Do with Cremation Ashes?

What to Do with Cremation Ashes?

Cremations are rising in popularity due to environmental and financial reasons as well as personal preferences. Deciding what to do with your own or a loved one’s cremation ashes is a difficult decision that requires much thought. Here are some traditional as well as unique ideas to consider.

Bury Them in a Cemetery

Just like a body in a casket, cremains in an urn can be buried in a cemetery. Sometimes they are buried in a loved one’s plot, and other times they may take up their own plot in a special section of a cemetery devoted exclusively to urns. Burying cremation ashes gives family and friends a place to visit the deceased when they choose.

Many people prefer this traditional means of burial, especially when other family members are interred at the same cemetery and can, therefore, be visited simultaneously. This option is also especially popular among Roman Catholics.

Place Them in a Niche or Mausoleum

Similar to a cemetery, a niche is a placement spot for cremation remains. It is usually a recessed compartment in what is known as a columbarium. This place of remembrance is a permanent resting place and therefore affords loved ones the opportunity to visit, just like a cemetery. It may be indoors or outside and is generally in a cemetery or a church. There is often additional space for photographs or mementos to be added inside the niche.

Similar to a columbarium is a mausoleum, which holds entombed human remains. In addition to caskets, urns can be permanently located in a mausoleum. However, this method requires more space and costs more than a niche.

Keep Them at Home

Many people prefer to keep their loved one’s cremains at home in a beautiful urn. Whether displayed on a mantle or respectfully placed on a shelf or in a closet, knowing that the deceased is close brings them comfort. Choosing the right urn for this purpose is important, and there are many available options, including:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Marble
  • Glass
  • Pottery

A good way to select an urn for cremation ashes is to think about the style and personality of the deceased and match them in the best way possible.

Use Them in Cremation Jewelry

For those who want tangible proof that their deceased loved one is always with them, cremation jewelry is a way to achieve that goal. It comes in many different varieties, so there is a style that is sure to suit everyone.

Some cremation jewelry may be a pendant, bracelet, or ring with a small compartment to hold remains of your loved one. With a wide range of price points and metals that range from sterling silver to more precious gold, selecting one is up to your taste and budget.

Scatter Them in a Beloved Place

Many times, people express a wish to have their remains scattered in a beloved place. This may be at sea or in a picturesque outdoor setting. Before scattering ashes in a park or on other public ground, you should check with local authorities to see whether this is permitted and, if so, whether you need a permit for this action.

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